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Two messages for the one who has come to our meeting and

connects with me here


If you find any paragraph or beautiful image in this book that makes you happy, then let me apologize to you for having taken it away from you first. Both of us are Nothing –and with this redefinition of Being, then it follows that both of us are equivalent to all Humanity, to Life itself, and also to the Universe. Consequently, it is just a coincidence and, therefore, of no real importance, that today you are the reader and I am the writer. Many thanks for being, and being with me here…


If you decide to dive into the Vertical World of this book, into either a poem or an artistic image, it is necessary that you should do so feeling very vulnerable, with your more feminine part alert and with your heart well open. If for any reason you cannot feel yourself like that, I suggest to you lovingly: you should not enter this vital and vertical space and even go away from this book forever. But if you succeed in doing so, many thanks for being, and being with me…

 Enrique Piana

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