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“Your donation is not simply a matter of pressing a button. Your input of energy is vital and does not end there – in fact, your donation shall materially enable me to go forward with my creative journey, which I intend to continue to share with you through my performances, books and artworks.
I am currently working on my new books : My first book of fiction for children and adults “Pepito is looking for the Freedom Family” (Spanish and English) and “Annihilating the Suffering” a wonderful book that I have as co-author María Fernández, a great Spanish therapist.
And several other exciting projects are also envisaged, including a musical version of this book entitled: “Operetta Media Valija”  and a  amazing documentary film by filmmakers from Pamplona, Spain.
Another important part of my work is the project called “Espacio Media Valija” enabling us to share our individual journeys of change with each other and also here on this website.
When I have received your donation by Paypal I will email you the PDF of the book within 48 hours.
Thank you! Art of Enrique Piana