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Poetry was my way of achieving my radical change. An art that speaks from my heart. The earliest poetry in the world is believed to have been recited or sung, employed as a way of remembering oral mystical histories. Music and poems communicated live. Today poetry provides us with an opportunity to illuminate a world that is dominated by the cheapest TV and the noise of the fake information. I have read a lots of poets – impossible to create a complete list. I have jumped from Tagore to Bukowski, from the Argentine Borges to the Mexican Jaime Sabines, from Antonio Machado to Mario Benedetti. At the end of this long journey the river placed me in the front of my mirror: my poems.

Music helps children develop rhythmic intelligence and notice rhythm in language, which are important skills and enjoyable, too. In my case, I am in the middle of my second childhood by choice and when I met the Catalan composer, Xavi Rodriguez Navines, we began playing and having fun together with poems and music . I shared my mirror with him! We found we were together in the same river and at that moment was born the idea of the videos that we have created together combining his music and my poems.

Operetta grew out of the French ” opéra comique ” around the middle of the 19th century, to satisfy a need for light entertainment with music, poems, humour and drama. The operetta is a precursor of the modern musical theatre or the “musical”. Xavi and I both agreed that we have operettas in our lives…

We are writing a musical together, we will create every character, every scene, every line AND every song. We will construct a really good show, based in the book “Enrique Piana and Half of His Suitcase”. We already know how we are going to blend the words and music!
Why we should write this musical, this operetta?
Because the two of us are both crazy enough to take a long walk in the vertical world and we both love life and change. We are part of “Espacio Media Valija” and in this vertical space it is happening: “Operetta Media Valija”.